S05E17 – Our core values – Storytelling

Photo by mentatdgt on Pexels.com

“I want to be right there at the coal face of meaning because I think that’s the truest true: to be there in the meaning at the depths of the relationship.”

– Steve Carter

In this episode we dive into one of our key values: storytelling.

Storytelling is vital to Relational Spirituality as its vital to relational depth. We all live in relation to stories, and yet we can live more in relation to stories than to the people those stories are about. And, we also often live more in relation to our own story and so can bound to it and lost within our own self.

The art of storytelling lies in self-discovery and then the sharing of this discovery with others. Through storytelling we can arrive at the true depth of living and loving and enter deeply into  our relationships.

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