We’ve been mulling over a third way between classic group making and serendipitous ad hoc one-on-one connections. One is highly structure and the other largely accidental. We believe there’s room for a third way characterised by receptivity and intentionality and perhaps best described as participatory and cultivated. Here those receptive to community recognise that it doesn’t happen by accident and yet can’t be forced or produced. So instead of trying to build, make, or force community we instead seek to share the value of presence and find ways to prioritise and practice this. And instead of establishing an organisation or business around accountability structures we wish to see it emerge as co-created and characterised by adult-to-adult relationships. Here community is fragile and emergent epiphenomenon that exists as wide as our network of relationships and as deep as we’re able to enter into living and loving.

We understand the need for a point of departure and believe a participatory process most valuable. Here the 7 Key Relationships is offered regularly. This is first and foremost offered to enable people to connect with their self, others, and God. As the series reflects our value for presence it also serves as a good introduction to the emerging community.

We like the idea of short-term sprints where people share a process, such as the 7 Key Relationships, coupled with space between. With community as epiphenomenon we seek to make our what’s of primary value to us – being present to our self, each other, the cosmos, and God – what we primary do. Please don’t expect a weekly service. We seek to practice cycles of participation and inclusion and would love those seeking to enter deeply into living and loving to join us.