We are living between two worlds or worldviews, the diverse and plural modern world and the emerging postmodern world. Here the question of Godde returns not as a concern of religion, but on its own terms. This is not as a returning question tied to any particular religion as tradition, institution, organization, or business. It is instead tied to our experiences and relationships and therewith linked to our spirituality and mysticism. It is linked to our spirituality, as in our behavior, attitudes, practices, and humanity. And it is linked to our mysticism, meaning our experience of the Transcendent as personal and impersonal. And therewith the problem of Godde is defined afresh and anew. It must be answered not as the translation of a single religion into postmodernity but instead as a reboot and as something new after religion and after modernity.

Tim Victor

Tim is an urban mystic, a thinker, writer, and conversationalist committed to relational spirituality. Tim is best known for his work with postmodern spiritual seekers and as a provocateur arguing that we make practicing the Presence of God central to our spirituality as individuals and communities of faith. Tim hosts various short courses including 7 Key Relationships and The Trinity Sessions, and a seminar De-/Re-Constructing Church and the author of Sharing the 7 Key Relationships.

Tim holds a Diploma in Theology, B.A. Honours in Religious, and is a M.Th. Candidate in Christian Spirituality at UNISA.

Timothy Victor