We are living in an interesting time where religion is losing ground and yet people are discovering their desire for deeper meaning, significance, and relationships which includes the beyond human and divine.

The question of whether there is more to life, what lies beyond or perhaps deep within the cosmos, and who or what God ‘is’ or ‘means’, are among the questions that find their way into conversation. Some answer this by turning to religion to find ready-made answers while others open to the deeper questions and still small voice enticing them to risk the security of faith and enter the urban desert as deep pilgrimage seeking relational engagement with God. These pilgrims are urban mystics venturing into the tapestry of their lives within the secular desert to pursue a deep relationship with our self, others, the cosmos, and God.

Tim Victor

Tim thrives on an active lifestyle in mind and body. He loves hiking, rock climbing, and surfing. He’s an urban mystic committed to relational spirituality. He hosts The podcast of the Urban Mystic (link) yet is perhaps best known for his work with the ‘spiritual but not religious’, church leavers, and deconstructers. He is establishing an approach to spiritual accompaniment rooted in the relational presence of God which differs relationally from the devotional spirituality and centring prayer.

  • Tim is published about in Naturally Supernatural: God may be closer than you think (Gary Best, 2007. Available on Amazon.).
  • Tim’s Master’s Dissertation, Exploring the ‘God after God’ conversations in relation to God’s absence and presence (2019) is available online via UNISA‘s online repository.

Tim holds a Diploma in Theology (Missiology), B.A. Honours in Religious Studies, a Masters in Theology (Spirituality), and is going on to do his Doctorate exploring “Theology, contemplation, and the practice of the presence of God”.

Tim Victor

Steve Carter

Steve is an urban mystic who hosts the podcast (link) and is currently dedicated to ameliorative and positive development work amongst communities, churches, NGO’s and families.

Steve holds a B.A. Honours in Psychology from the University of South Africa.


Steve & Inez Carter