What was your earliest experience of God?

On the podcast of the urban mystic we ask our guests about their earliest experience of God and how that leads into their careers. This is a very important question to ask and its been really interesting feeling like there’s often a wrestling for an answer. What do you make of the question? Do you feel like there’s a wrestling for an answer? What do you make of how the guests answers?

Exciting developments for 2021

Patreon Logo

Thank you so much to those who currently support the work of the urban mystic. Without your support it would not be possible to continue this work. This year I’m looking to step out further and increase the work—to go from being a small fish in a small pond to a small fish in a bigger pond. Starting a Patreon is an important step to expanding the work of the urban mystic. I discern that the next step is not only to keep going with the Podcast and add Video via YouTube but also to facilitate groups and develop a post-church community. I feel ill-equipped for this. Nervous. Scared. Much of the time I feel that God has made a mistake calling me to this. But the urge is there and won’t leave me. So I’m going with it. Here Patreon offers an opportunity to connect with people and receive support. This will enable urban mystic to develop a team who connects one-on-one with people and produces digital content as well as hosts online and face-to-face groups.

In the next few weeks I’ll launch our Patreon page. Kindly consider supporting the work of the urban mystic. But even if not, know that the work will stay de-commercialised. All our courses, our one-on-one work, podcast, upcoming YouTube material, etc. will stay 100% free. We’re not looking to establish any kind of transactional relationship.

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Urban Mystic in 2021

Last year we really hit our stride with Season 2 of the Podcast of the Urban Mystic (link). This year we plan to continue the conversation about deconstruction and with those deconstructing. We’re currently in brainstorming mode deciding the best way for us to contribute to this broad and ongoing conversation. There are a number of deconstructors contributing meaningfully and yet we believe we offer a unique angle and make a valuable contribution.

One thing we really we want to do is dive deeper into the people’s stories. This conversation, that of deconstructing church, is one of the key conversations we believe to be worth having. Other conversations include the problem of God and relational spirituality.

Another thing we’re exploring is that of hosting an online seminar/conference with several contributors. We’re still in the early stages of planning and dreaming. This is something we’d love to do right but is our first step toward that. More news will follow. And if we don’t manage to navigate the tech hoops for an online seminar/conference we’re still going to be feature phenomenal deconstructors.

This year we’re looking to add more content not only to the podcast but also to YouTube. We only have a test video upon on our YouTube (link), but its there so that the channel is live. If you feel inspired (hint-hint-hint) we’d love you to follow the channel so long. We don’t want to put out content just for the sake of it, so will be experimenting toward excellent and meaningful content. So please be patient as we go through the hoops of learning to do video and editing it.

Bonus episodes end of Season 2

Garageband screenshot of my work-in-progress editing

When I started the podcast earlier in the year it was with a headset mic and somewhere in Season 2 I transitioned to the Rode Podcaster II with boom arm and PSM1 Shock Mount. I believe this is quite an upgrade in recording quality. The change meant that I had to learn to speak into a microphone. I also transitioned from using a PC to edit the podcast in Adobe Audition to a MacBook Pro and editing in Garageband. I much prefer the latter and recommend it to anyone starting out. Steve Carter crafted a jingle for the podcast and we began to use it in our intro and outro. At present the mysteries of EQ still elude me and I believe I’ve become a competent enough editor.

Nevertheless, arriving at the end of Season 2 is quite a personal and professional milestone. Season 2 includes a whopping 22 episodes!

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Deconstructing with Natalie Simmons

Our guest for episode 1 and episode 2 a former pastor with three wonderful sons. She has taught English for the past 12 years in both junior and high school. She loves reading fiction more than non-fiction. Join us as we get to know Natalie Simmons.

Find out more by reading her blog You can read her blog http://nataliesimmons-eanutbutterandhoney.blogspot.com.

It is refreshing to feature female voices on the podcast of the urban mystic. Natalie brings several issues into perspective not touched on by any of our earlier conversations. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this conversation as much as we did.

“I’ve seen him do things I can’t explain.”

The cover to The art of Mandalorian written by Phil Szostak and cover by Doug Chiang

“I’ve seen him do things I can’t explain.”

Din Jarin

These are the words spoken by Din Jarin to Ahsoka Tano about Grogu, an infant, in Season 2 Episode 5: The Jedi of The Mandalorian. Jarin is a Mandalorian and Bounty Hunter and Tano a former Jedi now renegade vigilante. Their commitment to the good that results in their landing as misfits within their socially and politically complex world. And it is this layering of themes such as fall and redemption, humanity and inhumanity, spirituality, stratification, and interaction between young and powerless and those capable that makes Star Wars* a complex and compelling universe to explore. The same can be said for Sci-Fi in general and we see similar themes in the likes of The Expanse**.

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Deconstructing with John Eliastam

Our guest two episodes is the visionary behind a national worship event called the Newsong Festival and planted the Newsong Vineyard Christian Fellowship which used to meet at the River Club in Observatory, Cape Town. Newsong was untypically progressive and successfully homed people in their 20s and 30s during a period where this demographic was unlikely to stay in church. He went on to pastor Kenilworth Vineyard Christian Fellowship untill 2010.

Join us for Part 1 and Part 2 of our conversation with John Eliastam.

Deconstructing with David Hayward

Our guest for this episode is the author of several books, hosts a number of courses, and creates a cartoon every day. He holds a Masters in Theological Studies, as well as Diploma in Religious Studies and Ministry, and University Teaching. His art expresses the stories and struggles of spiritual refugees and independent thinkers who question, doubt or oppose the confines of religion. Each piece encourages difficult conversations and acts as a catalyst for critical thinking. 

David Hayward is the NakedPastor. After 30 years in the church, he left the ministry to pursue his passion for art. His work challenges the status quo, deconstructs dogma, and promotes critical thinking.

Find out more on https://www.nakedpastorstore.com/.

Deconstructing with Brian D McLaren

Our guest for two episodes is an author of several books including “A new kind of Christianity”, “Faith after doubt”, “The secret message of Jesus”, and “The great spiritual migration”.

Brian D. McLaren is an author, speaker, activist, and public theologian. Brian is the author of several books including “A new kind of Christianity”, “Faith after doubt”, “The secret message of Jesus”, and “The great spiritual migration”. A former college English teacher and pastor, he is a passionate advocate for “a new kind of Christianity” – just, generous, and working with people for the common good.

Be sure to catch Episode 1 and Episode 2 on the podcast of the urban mystic.

Find out more on www.brianmclaren.net.