Inbounding Podcast …

We’ve long debated a podcast for Urban Mystic and I’m happy to announce that we finally have one inbound. On the podcast we’ll explore what we’re doing and why in order to motivate the adoption of relational spirituality as an alternative paradigm to the current dichotomy between religion as institutionalized, and commodified, and spirituality as privatized, and completely interiorized.

Regarding the schedule, we’ve got a monthly gathering the last Sunday of every month and the podcast will follow that event. This month will include a podcast ahead explaining what we’re doing as a monthly gathering and why we’re doing it.

We’d appreciate you looking us up at ahead of launch and subscribing.


Why do I have this blog?

Having just rebooted my blog I have to pose the question, “Why do I have this blog?” Over the seasons my blogs mixed my personal and professional thinking with what’s interested and concerned me together with my hobbies and interests. In particular, this blog was reflective but created trajectories rather than went somewhere. This left the blog without coherence, which may have been ok except that it’s never sat right with me. Continue reading “Why do I have this blog?”


Rebooting a blog is always a challenging decision to arrive at. This is the second reboot of Most of what I’ve been posting has been sparked from work-in-progress projects and activities I’m engaging in and this has resulted in trajectories opened through blogging that I’m not going to get around to blogging through. I’d rather the blog exist with its own meaning and purpose that’s contributing to the work of Urban Mystic and the three key conversations we’re exploring – de-/re-constructing church, the problem of God, and cultivating spirituality.