About the Podcast

Tim’s microphone šŸ™‚

This podcast consists of authentic and vulnerable conversations between the hosts and guests. The conversations on this podcast are important for anyone who has left the church (and by proxy those leaving other religions and their institutions) and yet remain interested in living deeply in this present life. They are also valuable to anyone who considers themselves spiritual but not religious, as open to engaging God relationally but not seeking to be identified with any particular religion. It is a space where the deconstruction and reconstruction of faith is explored through conversation as hosts and with guests.

  • Season One: The season begins with Tim focused on understanding the Transcendent as a broader category and then together with Steve engage in conversations where they explore the lack of relational connection with the Transcendent in the practice of the religions through the proxy deconstruction of Christianity. Here we work on uncovering and engaging the underlying institutional paradigms which make the church about doing church rather than about relationally engaging God.
  • Season Two: In this season we speak to a number of deconstructors. We explore their experience of God and calling to ministry, their realisation that institutional religion is not all it promotes itself as, and their contribution thereafter. As we had the privilege of recording and editing ahead of publishing the series we group episodes based on what naturally emerges and take time out to reflect on patterns we see among deconstructors. This lends scope to what “deconstruction” means through what emerges from people’s experience serving in ministry.
  • Season Three: In this season we speak to a number of philosophers, theologians and pastors about their experience of God and how it leads into their work and contributions. These conversations are informative, vulnerable, exploratory. We ask this question in recognition of a significant tension between faith and experience not only in society, but also in Christianity. With the tumultuous year that 2022 has been, with Tim moving cities and Steve countries, we didn’t get to group the sessions and reflect on them. We set out to explore the tension between ‘faith and experience’ as between ‘faith and relationship’ and though we organically touch on this during the conversations we don’t get chance to reflect on and push into this. This does, however, give us a broader picture enabling us to dial into what intimacy with God means and move toward an understanding of the practice of the presence of God.
  • Season Four: In this season we explored Open and Relational Theology. This is with the express purpose of touching directly on the experience of God and how it ties into the thinking of ORT contributors.
  • Season Five: In this season will dive the tension between faith and experience as between faith and relational engagement with God. There are a number of questions that drive us, such as: What does ‘intimacy with God’ mean? What does it look like when holding to this as our primary practice? What can we expect to experience? What is the process? Is this possible for communities?