Spiritual Accompaniment

Most spirituality focuses on spiritual formation centred on going to church, finding an opportunity to serve others, reading the biblical text (lectio divina) for one’s self, formational growth, and wrestling with the discovery of God’s plan within the story of your life. These all wrestle with the mystery of God as hidden and silent in one’s life. And though these activities are understood to lead toward character formation toward Christlikeness, with one’s relationship with God based on faith and faithfulness. In this paradigm God remains distant and hard to engage. This does not satisfy our deeper longing for intimacy with God.

Pursuing intimacy with God is challenging in a world where faith is substituted for relationship, mystery for presence, and silence for speaking. Where God is viewed as Ultimate Mystery it is absence and silence which become God’s primary attributes. Spirituality is then tied to wondering, reflecting, longing, and searching for meaning. I believe that our spiritualities substitute the mystery of God, who is a self-revealing Person who wants to know and be known, for a mystery that cannot be known. Here God’s voice is traded a silence that can never be heard to speak. And God’s desire to draw near in Person displaced by an absence where God is never invited into, waited for, or pursued.

As urban mystics we offer spiritual accompaniment to those seeking to enter deeply into their living and loving in relation to their self, others, the cosmos, and God. This is based on the values and practices we hold, which include, authentic and vulnerable sharing, deep listening, and the practice of the presence of God.

If you’re looking to cultivate a relational spirituality meet us for a conversation online or in person. We’d love to explore how we can support you to cultivate a practical and meaningful spirituality centred on the presence of God.