S05E06 – This conversational pilgrimage

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In this episode we explore this season as a conversational pilgrimage shared between the hosts, listeners, and conversation partners. We go on to consider that our human-to-human relationships offer insight into our human-to-divine relationship, and therewith honesty in terms of where our relationship really is at.

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S05E04 – Mystery and Presence

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In this episode we explore the transition in Christianity from presence to mystery. In the primal expression we find high concentrations of engagement with God in small communities of Christ followers. Such experience is non-negotiable. After the creation of the institution of the Church we then find ridiculously low concentrations of relational engagement with God amidst a vast population now defined as Christian by citizenship and birth. Ever since relational engagement with God has a not been considered essential nor has it been required. The result is that we believe, behave, and belong as those raised Christian in a mostly Christian world.

In this episode, we explore the shift from presence to mystery and the challenge of trying to engage God relationally in the context of a life and faith defined by mystery and silence.

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S05E03 – Relational Experience and Language

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In this episode we continue the conversation around relational experience in relation to other people and in relation to God.

Here we distinguish between God’s non-relational relationships and God’s relational relationships. This might sound complex but it really comes together as we talk about our human to human relationships and the relationship we can have to ‘the idea of God within us’ as opposed to having ideas about God and relating to God as the Person who draws near and withdraws.

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S05E01 Introducing Season 5

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Our latest episode kicks off the new season of the podcast of the urban mystic.

In this episode, Tim Victor and Steve Carter talk about the season and what’s ahead. This is our most ambitious season yet and we’ll be establishing Relational Spirituality in concept and in practice. As a model of spirituality it differs to devotional and introspective spiritualities which grapple with the mystery of God in activities. In contrast, Relational Spirituality focuses on God drawing near and withdrawing. It is focused on the presence of God rather than the mystery of God as behind the scenes.

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Podcast Bonus Episode – Wayne Jacobsen – Lifestream

Wayne Jacobsen

Here is another bonus episode for you of quality conversation with a wise and humble guest, Wayne Jacobsen. Wayne generously gave us an hour and a half of his time to explore his experience, his thinking and current work and life. Wayne leads us to “new spiritual trailheads” as he works with “hungry people” – hungry people who are interested and yearning for engagement with God. It is a conversation which covers more than 40 years of life history; so a rich and insightful tapestry.

When we finished recording, I sat back in my desk chair, a bit overwhelmed by what we had talked about and so excited that it was recorded. This is the message I most want to leave in the world.

Wayne Jacobsen

It’s really humbling to hear this conversation described this way. We’re looking forward to continuing conversations with Wayne.

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Podcast Bonus Episode – Phil Drysdale – The Deconstruction Network

Phil Drysdale

In This episode we speak to Phil Drysdale from The Deconstruction Network. With deconstructers standing as perhaps the fastest growing spiritual movement in the west, this research is tremendously important. Phil is among those doing research into deconstructers which evidences a different picture to what institutional supporters paint them out to be.

This is a bonus episode that best slots in with Season 2 where we spoke with fellow deconstructers.

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Miniseries Episode 6 – ORT – Finale

In Episode 6 of our miniseries on Open and Relational Theology Tim and Steve reflect on this series and orient themselves on Season 5.

It is also our first ever book giveaway episode! Thomas Jay Oord, of the Center for Open and Relational Theology, was kind enough to send us some copies of his new book to giveaway to some fortunate listeners. Like and subscribe to our podcast, write a post on FaceBook about your favourite episode, take Tim and Steve in. We’ll draw winners from among those who do and message you via FB to arrange your copy.

Miniseries Episode 5 – ORT – Robert D Cornwall

Robert D Cornwall

In episode 5 of our miniseries on Open and Relational Theology we squeeze in one final. Tim stumbled across an article Bob had written and so we decided to extend the series and include our conversation with him. Bob has also published a number of books, some of which he speaks to in this conversation. You can find his work here if you would like to dig further into his thinking.

Miniseries Episode 3 – ORT – Rory Randall

Rory Randall

Rory Randall from the Center for Open and Relational Theology joins us in conversation on this episode of the podcast. Rory has published a book recently entitled, “An Open Theist Renewal Theology: God’s Love, the Spirit’s power, and Human Freedom“. We asked Rory to share some handles with which to understand this emerging theology. As usual though the theory is woven into the backdrop of life story, and so Rory shares his first experiences of God within the telling of his life story. Towards the end of the episode we return to the question of how we experience God and what it means to ‘practice the presence of God’. 

We hope you enjoy this conversation. We’d love to hear from you in response to any of our conversations or topics. 

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