Moving everything online

Thanks to freepik

This post is a quick update on the work of the urban mystic. I’m currently moving our courses online and busy setting up a Patreon page to raise more support toward the work (a huge thank you to those who support the work of the urban mystic). In this post I want to give a brief update on where I’m at with the moving the courses online.

So far I’ve scoped out all the video and audio segments needed for the 7 Key Relationships (7KR) and The Trinity Sessions (TTS). These two courses are a natural first step. Turns out this is a monumental task! But it is going to be so worth it (FYI I’ve never produced video before but that won’t stop me 😜). The core component to each course is and will always be a weekly participatory Zoom session. In addition, 7KR includes three one-on-one sessions with the facilitator and TTS two one-on-one sessions. Of course participants can schedule more if they choose. These are simply the minimum touch-base points I’ve discovered over time end up being good. In this sense both course are ready to go. There is, however, one monumental snag.

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