Urban Mystic in 2021

Last year we really hit our stride with Season 2 of the Podcast of the Urban Mystic (link). This year we plan to continue the conversation about deconstruction and with those deconstructing. We’re currently in brainstorming mode deciding the best way for us to contribute to this broad and ongoing conversation. There are a number of deconstructors contributing meaningfully and yet we believe we offer a unique angle and make a valuable contribution.

One thing we really we want to do is dive deeper into the people’s stories. This conversation, that of deconstructing church, is one of the key conversations we believe to be worth having. Other conversations include the problem of God and relational spirituality.

Another thing we’re exploring is that of hosting an online seminar/conference with several contributors. We’re still in the early stages of planning and dreaming. This is something we’d love to do right but is our first step toward that. More news will follow. And if we don’t manage to navigate the tech hoops for an online seminar/conference we’re still going to be feature phenomenal deconstructors.

This year we’re looking to add more content not only to the podcast but also to YouTube. We only have a test video upon on our YouTube (link), but its there so that the channel is live. If you feel inspired (hint-hint-hint) we’d love you to follow the channel so long. We don’t want to put out content just for the sake of it, so will be experimenting toward excellent and meaningful content. So please be patient as we go through the hoops of learning to do video and editing it.

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