Moving everything online

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This post is a quick update on the work of the urban mystic. I’m currently moving our courses online and busy setting up a Patreon page to raise more support toward the work (a huge thank you to those who support the work of the urban mystic). In this post I want to give a brief update on where I’m at with the moving the courses online.

So far I’ve scoped out all the video and audio segments needed for the 7 Key Relationships (7KR) and The Trinity Sessions (TTS). These two courses are a natural first step. Turns out this is a monumental task! But it is going to be so worth it (FYI I’ve never produced video before but that won’t stop me 😜). The core component to each course is and will always be a weekly participatory Zoom session. In addition, 7KR includes three one-on-one sessions with the facilitator and TTS two one-on-one sessions. Of course participants can schedule more if they choose. These are simply the minimum touch-base points I’ve discovered over time end up being good. In this sense both course are ready to go. There is, however, one monumental snag.

The ‘practice of the presence of God’ needs some guidance, support and encouragement. I’ve noticed that the concept is so richly populated for me but when I use the language its as though I’m touching on a total blank canvas in the minds of many. The bulk of the work is going into the audio support sessions. We’ll explore this in detail in Season 3 of the podcast of the urban mystic. Look forward to some in-depth conversations between Steve Carter and myself as well as conversations with notable guests such as Derek Morphew (Vineyard Institute and author of The Kingdom Reformation) and Costa Mitchel (retired head of the Association of Vineyard Churches in South Africa).

So … if I’m quiet its because I’m a little overwhelmed in tasks and trying to produce quality video and audio. Next to the podcast this is the largest audio-visual body of work I’ve ever done. And I’m a total noob! Here’s an outline below.

Foundations and Promotions:

  • Foundations: Facilitation
  • Foundations: Storytelling
  • Foundations: Deep Listening
  • Foundations: Practicing the Presence of God
  • Promo: 7 Key Relationships
  • Promo: The Trinity Sessions

But the work doesn’t just end there:

  • An email outlining the upcoming week’s support for 7KR and TTS – 12 emails.
  • One video intro to each week of each course – 12 video sessions.
  • Five audio sessions supporting one’s practice of the presence of God, Sunday to Thursday – 60 audio sessions.

As soon as I’ve got a few sorted I’ll have decide which platform is best to make this material available to those doing the series. The goal of Patreon will be support this. Rest assured there will never be a paywall to access anything offered by urban mystic.We are and will remain committed to decommercialising all our work.

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